Freeway Fiasco

Cars: can’t deal with their continual demands on our wallets, can’t get places without ‘em. You know what I’m talking about. It’s a constant stream of expenses, not to mention the nagging doubt as to how long that brake repair is going to hold out after you paid your cousin’s mate to do it in …

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All New Rules

Another country, another set of rules to learn. Australia isn’t totally different to Ireland, I suppose. Same language, and people are always getting our accent mixed up with that of a close neighbour. Still, emigrating is such a huge hassle, in so many ways that no one warns you about. I have to get a …

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Car Love

It’s about time they made a reality TV game show that was entirely to do with cars. We have reality TV shows about literally everything else, so why not cars? Although I think the network had to tone this one down a little to make it appeal to a general audience. ‘The Tachometer’ is about …

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