As a dedicated connoisseur of novelty sweets, I find Tokyo to be something of a wonderland. At least, it offers a different kind of sweetscape to what’s available back home, which opens up a whole new world for my sugar receptors to explore.

Admittedly, I could stand to cut down on the sugar. Let’s just say that I’ve been going around in a bit of a hype state for the past few weeks. It started when I found out that you can this chocolate infused with a substance known as GABA, which exists as a neurotransmitter in the brain. The chocolate is supposed to calm you down.

Well, maybe it’s just me, but I reckon the manufacturer could work on their recipe – I suspect they’ve got the ratio of GABA to sugar wrong, if my failure to become calmer is anything to go by. I might even be paranoid than usual, but I’m successfully keeping it under wraps for what that’s worth.


I think that neuro-chocolate is doing Cathy a world of good, in all honesty. She’s more alert and better able to hold her Strong Zero. Granted, I’m not entirely convinced that the GABA content is responsible; I’m guessing she’s just been on a constant sugar high for several weeks.

Hey, it makes her fun to be around.


I don’t care what Brentley says, frankly; Cathy is definitely is a calmer since she’s been eating that stuff. I’m of the opinion that she’s always been a highly strung character, although she hides it well. Of course, who knows what else she’s been up to that might be mellowing her out.

My favourite thing about it is that she seems oddly okay with my purikura habit. It’s something I’d have thought she’d have some thoughts on, and critical ones at that – I know she thinks of those machines as a bit stupid. But yeah, she’s been pretty good about, and if the chocolate has anything to do with it, then I’m on board with it.