New used car

My whole life I’ve wanted my own car. Since the day I got my licence, I’ve been sharing cars with different people in my life. With my parents, my boyfriend, my brother. While I’m appreciative that they all let me use their cars for the last few years, it came time for me to purchase my own car. I was sick of feeling nervous driving other people’s cars, or taking their car when they needed it. I remember once I came home and my boyfriend noticed a faint dent in his back bumper bar after I had taken his car to the shops. I felt so guilty. 

Upon growing tired of the anxiety, I decided to purchase my own car. Now, I’m not exactly made of money, so I had to purchase a used car. I was embarrassed to admit this at first, but then I found out there’s nothing wrong with buying a used car. In fact, purchasing a brand new car is almost an obsolete idea as it loses value as soon as you drive it out of the car yard. New, old, none of that matters. I was simply excited to hit the road in my car and take myself on some adventures. I spoke to my dad about where to get a car safety certificate near me. Having this certificate would give me some serious peace of mind that my car was in good and safe condition to drive. I’d heard a lot of stories about people buying second hand cars, only to discover that they had zero safety. My biggest fear would definitely be going on a long drive and getting stuck somewhere because my car hadn’t been checked. 

I heard great things about a local mechanic. Raceview has a mechanic that people flock to. He’s just one of those people who know the ins and outs of every vehicle. If there’s anyone I could trust with my newly-bought car, it’d be him. I watched him as he conducted a thorough check on my vehicle. I guess I got lucky, as it needed zero repairs!