Magnum Auto Opus

Finally, my masterpiece is complete. This truly is my magnum opus, the greatest work I will ever create. If we were back in the Renaissance, bards would sing of this painting, and the children would grow up aspiring to see it in the Melbourne museum. That’s right, this piece isn’t going in an art gallery. It is far too good for that. In time, it will be a historical painting. I’ve taken the liberty of arranging everything for the grand unveiling.

The museum’s curators will be so surprised when they see it. They will ask each other if they were expecting a giant canvas, beautifully depicting the struggles of a mechanic near Hobart. They will agree that it wasn’t a painting they agreed to have on display, and begin to theorise on its origins. Perhaps they will wonder if God himself painted it and sent his angels to give the museum this gift.

I know that people will agree with me when I say that the choice of colours and the oils I used create a powerful image. Hobart’s best auto electrician, fighting the heat of the hot Australian sun. In a hundred years, my painting will be on the front of history books. Children will ask their parents to see the painting that brought world peace and disrupted the status quo of the class system. When the aristocrats realise the toils of the working man, they will take to the streets with their wealth and cry tears of joy as they share it with the commoners.

With our new wealth, the working class will rise up, bearing our pens and brushes. Everybody shall be free to express themselves through art, at least for a while. That is my dream. Not to create one magnum opus, but to create many, through the actions of others. If I inspire an artistic revolution, spawning another Renaissance, then so be it. Only then I will consider my work done.