My week


This day was a lot more hectic. I was in charge of dropping the kids off at school this morning so I had to rush to ensure they would get there on time. After dropping them off, I decided to take a few back streets on the way home. I figured this would help me avoid the traffic jams on the main road which usually add another ten to fifteen minutes to my journey. On my journey home I wound up driving over a whole heap of nails that were on the road. I have zero ideas why they were but I didn’t notice them until I got home. What I do know is that they absolutely wrecked my tyres to the point I needed to book in for a tyre repair in the Morayfield area. This was not something I was looking forward to as it meant I ran the risk of not having a car for a few days. When I am without my car I feel absolutely lost! I use my car to drive everywhere and to run all my errands. I couldn’t even pick my kids up from school on Monday afternoon and had to ask my husband to finish work early.



I woke up super early on Tuesday so I could take my car to the mechanic to get the tyres fixed. I grabbed a croissant on my way to Morayfield’s highest-rated mechanic to not waste any time. My mechanic saw that it was going to be a quick fix and was more than happy to fix my tyres that day. I decided that while he was making the repair, I would go for a walk and pay some bills to kill some time. Two hours later I got a text message saying that my car was ready to be collected. I was so grateful that the mechanic could sort this problem out efficiently.

I now have my car back and am ready to continue with my week! I’ll keep you all posted on what happens next.