Car Love

It’s about time they made a reality TV game show that was entirely to do with cars. We have reality TV shows about literally everything else, so why not cars? Although I think the network had to tone this one down a little to make it appeal to a general audience. ‘The Tachometer’ is about cars, sure, but it’s about one guy who has to choose between a whole bunch of different vehicles, and he has to take them out on ‘dates’, and if he likes that one car he gives it a ‘hose’ (that is, he cleans the outside and fills them up with petrol) and the car that doesn’t get the hose gets sent home. Also, all the cars have rudimentary AI.

Just last night, Corey (that’s the main guy) had to take a Holden Commodore out to get an auto electrical service in Bentleigh. Everything was going great until he saw the Toyota Hilux across the street and it was super awkward because he’d taken that same Hilux to the SAME garage the previous night, and he’d made a point of making out like this was a totally new place he was taking the Commodore. The result was some major dramas. Corey ended up being totally embarrassed, so he treated the Commodore to a full logbook servicing with brake pad replacement, and air con regas and everything.

That was pretty smart, because if the Commodore got too jealous then it would probably try to get involved in some kind of accident and then say that it was all Corey’s fault for not keeping it in good nick. The date ended fairly well, and you can’t really complain all that much after you get taken for the best brake repair Bentleigh mechanics have to offer. Corey might be a bit of a ‘lad’, but he sure knows how to show a car a good time. All he did with the Hilux was change the oil, which in terms of car dates is about as tacky as it gets.