Big truck fan

I’ve been a fan of big trucks and utes for many years. I find them to be a much more sturdy vehicle than the standard automobile. I also work as a tradie and enjoy cross country driving so it makes sense for me to have a 4×4. I do keep my 4×4 in the best possible condition, regardless if it can sustain various climates and surfaces. I am very mindful of where I park as I know other people aren’t as careful of their cars as I am. I once had someone open their car door straight into the side of my 4×4. Boy was I mad. I had allowed that driver plenty of space yet they still caused a whole heap of damage. Why? Because they don’t care for their own belongings let alone the belongings of other people. I guess not everyone can be like me and keep their 4×4 under a cover and only ever book a log book service. Toowoomba has a mix of road conditions so I really want to make sure this vehicle is in the best possible condition.

I bought this particular 4×4 about three years ago. Over the years I have made a few small modifications such as changing the tyres around and giving the vehicle a new paint job. I also stripped out all the seats and installed leather seats as I feel this is a much more stylish look. I don’t want my 4×4 to look like something out of a muddy racecourse. I still want it to have an element of class and prestige. My final customisation will involve a diesel tuning service with the intention to make the 4×4 more powerful. I’m not going to use this power to be irresponsible. It’s more so that I want it to have that power when I’m out on country roads and may need to rely on it for one reason or another. If anyone has any pictures of their 4×4 vehicles then please feel free to send them to me.