Sash Window Replacement

I’ve lived in a small, stale and musty rental property for the last six months. Sounds gross right? That’s because it is. The reason my house has a disgusting and lingering stale smell is because I’ve been unable to open the windows since I moved in. I’ve been complaining to my landlord and my real …

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Something to Do

It’s day two of my long service leave, and already I’m pretty sure I want to go back to work. I planned for this, as well. Gave myself a huge to-do list, planned out each day, and made sure to get a new number so that I could totally disassociate myself from work and everything …

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A Frosty Scoop

I got me the story of the century, so I have. I’m gonna blow this one wide open for the whole world to see, you see! I can see the headlines now: Pondelia Whimsy Makes Home Out of Frosted Window Glass: Does Money Literally Drive Folks Crazy? More at 11! Of course, there won’t be …

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