Decorative Glass Daydream

Ever since I was young, I’ve been a daydreamer. I catch myself daydreaming at least three times a day, and even more when I’m at work. I don’t mind my job, and while I don’t necessarily love it, it pays the bills so it’s worth persevering. But when I’m working I feel like I have to distract myself, because I am always so bored. I would find it easier to distract myself if there were literally any windows in my office. The office is dark, cold and kind of depressing. If there was even one window in the space it would be so much more pleasant to work in, but alas, there is not. Because of this, I often find myself daydreaming about staring out a window. 

The window is grand and lets in enough light to fill the entire office. I sit right underneath it and because of this, I get to look out at the beautiful surrounding parks and watch families fly kites in the gardens. The window is dotted with coloured panels that add a significant amount of character to our office, and everyone marvels at the reassuringly commercial yet decorative glass. Melbourne offices, on average, appear to be a lot nicer looking than ours, which is quite a disappointment to me. I wish I worked somewhere that had a beautiful window like the one I described. It would just make my time at the office so much more appealing. And maybe I wouldn’t daydream so much. It’s doubtful, though.

I also wish I had one of those approachable bosses that everyone loves. Like someone that I could go up to and say “Hey! I think we should consider installing windows and getting some office tinting, what are your thoughts?” without the fear that I could be fired on the spot for talking about anything other than the work itself.

Unfortunately, this will never be the case and so I will have to daydream in a slightly dissatisfied manner until I decide to find a new job.