Something to Do

It’s day two of my long service leave, and already I’m pretty sure I want to go back to work. I planned for this, as well. Gave myself a huge to-do list, planned out each day, and made sure to get a new number so that I could totally disassociate myself from work and everything to do with it. Might have gone a little hard on the first day, because I knocked off most of what I had to do, and right now I’m finished. Maybe my list wasn’t long enough?

At the very least, I’m looking around the house and I can see things that need to be done that I never would’ve thought of before. For example, while I was taking out the mulch, I saw that the windows are in dire shape. So, add that to the list: find a decent timber window installer open in Melbourne, give them a call, maybe derail the conversation so it becomes about the weather and takes up more time, all of that business. Maybe I can go INTO a place that replaces windows, so we can have an in-depth chat about what sort of windows would best suit my house. And then we could talk about windows through the ages, and how they’re changed since…oh, maybe, the time of the French revolution? I’ll do a bit of research. That goes on the list for tomorrow: 1 hour of window research. Alright, maybe two hours…got to be safe.

Sash windows were very popular back then, so I remember from all those period dramas. Maybe that’s when they were invented? All of this and more will be extremely useful for the Melbourne sash window people, because I feel it’s important to understand the historical context before leaping into something as important as window installation.

…alright, I’m bored. SO bored. And I have another three months of this. I’m trying not to sign up for the bowls club, I really am, but it’s terribly difficult at the moment.