Hereditary eyes

Bad eyes are definitely a genetic trait in my family. Both my parents wore glasses, my siblings all wore glasses, and I think from memory my grandparents even wore glasses! I met my husband while studying at university, he also wears glasses. Then I met his family for the first time and they were all wearing glasses as well. If only you saw our wedding! It was a total glasses convention. Five years ago we had our first child. We’ve been waiting since the day she was born for her to get glasses and we think the day has come. She keeps complaining to me that things aren’t clear to her and that she can’t see signs or pictures. To me, this is a sign that we need to take her to a children’s optometrist to get her eyes tested. I often hear a lot of parents say they don’t want their children to have glasses because they don’t want their kids to be laughed at. My husband and I don’t have that attitude towards glasses. Probably because we both wear them. I don’t think our daughter will find wearing glasses uncomfortable or weird, especially since she sees both her parents wear them.

I’m planning to take her to the optometrist later this week to get an eye test. Ideally, I’d like her to get used to her glasses before she starts school in a few months. I think starting school is daunting enough, she doesn’t need an added layer of stress from getting used to glasses too. I am taking her to Brighton’s highest-rated optometrist for her eye test. We’re also hoping to get her glasses from the same shop to avoid too much run around. When selecting an optometrist I was sure to find one who had good reviews for working with children. An eye test can be quite intimidating, especially to a child once you look at some of the tools used, so I want the process to be as smooth as possible for her.