Solar Panel Polishers

In the heart of Melbourne, where towering skyscrapers with glinting solar panels rule the skyline, an underground movement thrives in the hidden alleyways. Here, in the dimly lit corners, is the mystical realm of the Solar Panel Polishers – keepers of the sheen, defenders of the dazzle. The Polishers, draped in shimmering cloaks reflecting every …

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The Electrical Queen

Jennifer is THE worst, a worst among many and varied worsts. If there was a gold medal at the Worst Olympics, Jennifer would be the one getting the perfect ten from the judges and standing on the podium, flashing her gold medal while everyone pelts her with popcorn and bottles, on account of her being …

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Incredible Solar Panels

Oh, how my opinions have changed for the better. Time was when I thought that solar energy was destined to fail because those panels being out in the rain would cause all the power to wash off. Then I did a bit of research and found out that they have a special reflective coating that …

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