Incredible Solar Panels

Oh, how my opinions have changed for the better. Time was when I thought that solar energy was destined to fail because those panels being out in the rain would cause all the power to wash off. Then I did a bit of research and found out that they have a special reflective coating that only lets solar energy in, and that every solar panel ever made has this and it can also survive anything less than a meteor strike because the same thing this coating is basically the same thing as Colonel Canada’s shield, except it’s in real life. Yep, that was quite the realisation.

Now I’m one of solar energy’s strongest proponents, as well as all other methods of commercial energy monitoring and the like. See, the main problem with solar power at the moment is that we don’t have efficient methods of storing it. Yeah, I watched a whole documentary on it and everything. See, power from the sun, as you’d expect, is about a thousand times stronger than any sort of energy we have here in Earth. Even a tiny thimble of solar energy would be enough to light up New York for a year, but we simply lack the ability to store such majesty. I saw it on the Discovery Channel.

So that’s why commercial energy monitoring and storage are such huge deals at this current time. People are always looking for ways to make solar power storage more efficient, and also to monitor the mammoth energy output so that things that run on solar power aren’t overloaded.

And there I was, thinking that solar power could be washed away by something as weak and simple as rain. Oh no…in fact, if panels didn’t have that coating, the raw power within would cause all the rain to dissipate into steam before even touching the surface. Truly, commercial solar solutions in Brisbane will save us all…but only if we can throw reigns around this metaphorical Pegasus.