Strange New Painter

There was a knock at the door of my new business, so I got up from the couch in the breakroom. Finally, the professional painter had arrived. I was starting to wonder if he would even show up. As I opened the door, I was greeted by a man covered head to toe in wet, orange paint, holding a brand new paint roller in his hand. 

The sight completely baffled me. I had sought far and wide for the best interior painter around Melbourne, and this was who I got? Surely this wasn’t the man I had hired. Although I had my doubts, he seemed like a cheerful guy, so I let him in. Thank goodness I hadn’t gotten the floors redone yet.

I asked the strange painter if he needed some help getting his paint tins from the van parked outside, but he said not to worry about it. He just told me to stand back and watch the show. As he rolled the immaculate object over the walls, paint covered them like magic, revealing colours for each I never would have thought to choose myself. Somehow, the different colours made the room seem so much bigger and better than I ever could have imagined. It turns out, the man was a complete genius. I thanked him for his incredible work, paid the fee and wished him well on his next job.

After a few days, I opened my business and countless people flooded to my store, just to see the painted walls which I had written about on social media. I was so glad I had chosen a commercial painting service close to Melbourne in the end, rather than choosing someone a little further. I had been seriously considering it, given the painter I got was fairly new to the painting scene. In the end, though, he totally delivered and my business is better for it now.