The Glazier Resurgence

Well, it looks like my very first ever petition didn’t get very far. Should’ve seen this coming, especially since the ending to Fantasy was not only divisive, but also very open to interpretation. I bet they did that on purpose: serve the fans a half-baked load of drivel, but make it all ambiguous. People who want to feel important (like they’re the only ones who ‘get it’) will defend the finale to their last breath, and then you get loads of people trapped in the middle who feel like they’re missing something and don’t want to admit that they just plain didn’t enjoy it.

I’ll give the finale one thing: the introduction of residential glazing to the plot was a bold move, but one I thought was well foreshadowed. How many seasons have we seen characters gazing out of their ramshackle windows, wishing that there was a glazier to help them fix the problem? The land of Easteros had no glaziers, you know. Supposedly they existed back in the golden era, but the mad queen had them all exterminated after she glanced at her reflection that one time, saw that there was a pimple on her nose that none of her royal retinue had pointed out (even during the diplomatic meeting that afternoon) and thus had all glaziers executed. The secret of glazier work was lost to time, and only in the final episode when the Noonday Princess left shards of glass and sand behind after her battle with Jon Crow did they rediscover that hey, yeah, sand is way better for making glass than bits of gravel!

It even became a really important plot point. Kyrion the Giant failed to spot the invading army of the Grey Joggers as they arrived at Summerbell Castle, all because the windows were so hazy and terrible.

So yeah. A rousing endorsement of the work of glaziers and glass balustrade specialists Melbourne wide, but none of that helped my petition in any way. They’re not remaking season 8, so… that one good point doesn’t matter.