Generational Earrings

I turn thirteen today and for my birthday my mum is letting me get my ears pierced! She promised me that when I was a teenager I could get my ears pierced and I’m so excited! She said that I’m not allowed to pick out my own earrings though because she has a special surprise for me. I don’t know what the surprise would be. But I hope it’s cool!

Ouch! I got my ears pierced and it hurt so much! I thought because my ear is quite flabby it wouldn’t hurt but it actually killed. As soon as the people pierced them my mum handed them an envelope. It was really secretive of her. I was really confused at the time because the envelope looked really old but I thought maybe my mum was paying in cash. When she opened the envelope, a letter and a pair of half-moon earrings fell out. My mum started crying straight away. I was the one in pain! I had no idea why she was crying.

And then I read the letter. It was from my grandma who died before I was born and the letter was to me. She didn’t know my name obviously, or even that I’m a girl, but she said she loves me and she hopes that I look after my mum and have the best friendship with her in the world. She said that my mum missed out on a mother-daughter relationship when she was little, so having a relationship with me would mean the world to them both. I started crying when I read the letter, mainly because I was already trying to hold in my tears from the pain of getting my ears pierced, but I still cried.

Apparently, my grandma had gifted my mum similar custom Melbourne made earrings after she died.  It made me sad that my mum lost grandma so early. If my mum died when I turned fourteen I would be devastated. I want to keep my mum forever.