Conscious About Feet

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a self conscious person. I’ve been ashamed about many things in my life, with the majority of my shame coming from some sort of perceived abnormality of parts of my body. Currently, my feet are causing me serious distress. They are repulsive. I haven’t worn open-toed shoes in over three years, all because I am terrified of someone noticing my fungal nail infections. Cheltenham is a suburb near the beach, and it is really rough not being able to wear sandals like everyone else when we decide to spend time there.

The first time I noticed my odd looking toenails was when one of my friends pointed them out. The way she brought attention to them was humiliating. She literally pointed at them, laughed and then made sure everyone around us was aware of how funky looking my toes were. I thought they were normal. I had always heard that feet were ugly, so I assumed that everyone’s feet and toes looked the same. 

Since that day, I have avoided wearing open-toed shoes at every opportunity. It’s been a real blow to my confidence and has taken quite a toll on my mental health. Until three weeks ago, I had no idea that my fungal infection was treatable. I was too embarrassed to tell anyone or see a doctor, so I just covered up the problem forever.

This was until I came across PACT Photodynamic Therapy. I can’t believe it! A cure! I’ve been living with this internalised shame for so many years and I didn’t even have to. I will be going in for the treatment in two weeks time and I am beyond excited. If it works I’ll be able to wear nice shoes in public again. I won’t live in fear of being ridiculed anymore. It’ll be such a breath of fresh air, both between my toes and for my mental wellbeing.