To Fear is Human

My Human Classes are going fairly well, although we recently reached the module on fears and phobias, and I’ve been having some…technical issues? Our tutor has said that flaws define people as human beings, so if any of us in the class are utterly flawless or perfect life forms, then that would simply not do when it came to passing as human.

I don’t think I have a problem there- I am considered quite ‘weird’ by my co-workers- but notably, I do have one fear. I fear…the ocean. I know this body is most definitely splash-proof, but being submerged might be the end of me. Circuits fried, no more me. I listen to the workplace lunch conversations, with Michael recommending a good place near Melbourne for quality outboard motor repairs because Calvin is going boating with his new mistress on the weekend and he’s been having some motor troubles, and I simply must leave the room. I’m imagining me, on a boat, and then I imagine me falling off the boat, and…wait, does this fear and trepidation mean that I am becoming human?

That is a question for later. Currently I must write a 10,000-word thesis, set by our tutor after I confessed my fear. It is entitled ‘Boats, Outboard Motors and the Casual Workplace Conversation: How I Plan to Act Normal Despite My Clearly Inhuman Phobia’. So far all I’ve got is a brief explanation stating that I could just continue as I am, because fear of the water is a known phobia for humans and I think it not out of the ordinary. If talk of the best place for anchor winches Melbourne wide causes me discomfort, I can simply say that my parent or guardian drowned when I was younger than I am currently, and talk of ships and oceans makes me feel the feelings of unpleasant emotions.

I wonder if our tutor would accept that answer.

Probably not. They are the one thing everyone in the class most definitely fears.