Sydney: Almost Perfect

I like to think that Sydney is a place of law and order. That doesn’t work as a blanket statement, of course. It’s not some utopia where no one needs police and there are no muggings or assaults. That would be nice, but it’s not a thing.

No, what I mean is that it’s safe in a relative sense. Like, a person can go walking by themselves and without fear that they’re going to be swept up gang violence. It’s unlikely.  

Not like Melbourne; things must be bad if they need a cloaked and masked vigilante leaping over the rooftops and beating up thugs. Nice to have, but not nice to need, if you get me.

Let’s talk air conditioning servicing companies. Around Sydney ways, they’re just superior. I’m just saying. Melburnians complain all the time about their weather, so you’d think they’d be the people most prepared for anything, right? Think again! They moan and complain at the first few droplets from the sky, and that’s not even getting started on how they are in the summertime. Yes, you do get hot summers, just like we do in Sydney. More inconsistent, but still present each and every year, so you have no excuse for not having proper air conditioning in every home and business. And every house. We haven’t reached that level of coverage in Sydney, but soon. Soon.

At least we don’t complain about it, is all I’m saying. We’re prepared for the weather, we take it as it comes, and really, the only mass whining I hear is in the twilight of summer when it starts to rain all the time and it gets really muggy. And come on, that’s just not a fun time for anyone. It’s like monsoon season, but without the fun of actual storms. Just pattering rain and heat seeping in underneath the door, and you know what, I’m not complaining. When your air conditioning needs repairs, Sydney air con businesses are second to none.

To sum up, Sydneysiders can last through a bit of humidity without complaint…mostly. And we can walk alone at night without cloaked vigilante justice.