Electricians Are Fine

I chafe under our current leadership. Like a…sock in a hiking boot that you knew was too big but you wore it anyway.

Golly, it’s been a long time since I went camping, or hiking, or did anything that wasn’t related to the Moon Cult. It’s nice to be part of a family and a group that cares for you so much that they want to know your every tiniest movement, but sometimes it’s smothering, and I really just want to do other stuff. I want to have an evening to myself, one where my electricity isn’t tightly metered because I have to donate a certain amount of money to the rocket fund.

They even questioned me about getting in a residential electrician! I guess a few other members of the cult have been trying to get around their tithing responsibilities by getting electricians in and having them remove the meter. I myself was just having my electric hot water system looked at, since it’s been very inconsistent and having nice warm bath is one of the things I AM allowed to do by myself, alone, with no documentation having to be provided. It’s not as fun when your electricity system has a fault somewhere and you’re left soaking in a lukewarm bathtub for ten minutes before giving up and getting out.

My one truly relaxing time…and so you can see why I was quite hot on calling in a residential electrician, except even THAT is bad. Of course it is, because everything is a transgression if it doesn’t coincide with the building of a rocket to take us to the moon, or the gathering of materials to help us live on the moon.

I tell you what, we’d better have electrical engineers in our glorious Lunar Kingdom, as good as the electricians in the Bayside area. It really won’t be glorious at all if I can’t have a relaxing soak while listening to panpipe music. It’s the only way to properly end the day.