No Career Thanks

The thought of having a career is just hopeless. I don’t really see the point in pursuing a career in anything when things can just be taken away from us so easily and quickly. I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel motivated to do anything when:

  1. Nothing is real; and 
  2. The only reason people get jobs is that they’re being forced to survive capitalism. 

I’ve explained all this to my parents and I think it has worried them. They’ve decided to take me to someone who does student career counselling in the Melbourne CBD. I don’t know why we have to go all the way to the city to do this. My parents are certain that career counsellors in the city have more experience than those in the suburbs. Does that mean they’ll want me to work in the city too? They’re not going to have much luck. 

When I finish school I just want to go travelling. Travelling isn’t allowed at the moment, for obvious reasons, but hopefully, in three years when I finish, it will be. Once I get back from travelling, I know for a fact that I won’t have any interest in getting a career. The only reason I will get a job is that I want to pay for my next holiday. I don’t believe that I need to have a career to feel fulfilled. I should probably tell my parents that when I get back from my big holiday, I won’t be getting any sort of career change advice. Around the Melbourne area, it is pretty much common practice to try and be the best and have the best career. I will be more than happy to work at a supermarket, a grocery store or as a sign holder – as long as I’m making money.

Anyway, I better get off my blog and talk to my parents. They’re going to be pretty mad with what I have to say, but whatever. It’s my life.