Following Clinton West

After conveyancer Clinton West had acted quite suspiciously, Schlock Homes and I decided to follow him, intending to get to the bottom of this mystery, regarding the missing conveyancers. People might have found it odd if we actively tried to hide, so Schlock and I simply tried to blend in with the crowd, keeping our eyes on Clinton.

Was he the one responsible for the missing conveyancers? He’d been on a strange phone call when we’d first seen him, breaking the rules of the Victorian Conveyancing Conference by talking to a client about conveyancing near Clifton Hill. Very strange behaviour.

After a few minutes of following him, Clinton turned around and spotted us. He broke into a run, Schlock and I doing the same. We gave chase, moving between booths and pushing through crowds. It seemed that Clinton was getting away, but as we turned a corner, we found him at a dead end. Clinton fell to the ground and cowered before us.

“What do you want?” he said. “I’m nothing but a simple conveyancing lawyer from Highett. Why are you following me?”

“Why are you avoiding us?” Schlock asked. “All we wanted was to ask about the missing conveyancers.”

Clinton shook his head. “I already told you, I don’t know anything about that.”

The man reached for his back pocket, and I sprung forward. “Watch out, Schlock. He’s got a gun!”

“It’s just a laser pointer,” Clinton said, pulling it out and showing us. He pressed the button and grinned. “A laser pointer that is also a laser gun!”

Schlock and I dove to the ground, avoiding the fierce laser, as Clinton pushed past us. The laser tore a hole through the roof above us. People in the conference hall screamed, getting into a panic. Amidst the kerfuffle, I lost eyes on Clinton. When the space cleared, he was already gone.

“Rats,” said Schlock. “I can’t believe he got away. Obviously he’s the one behind the scheme. So now what?”

I looked ahead, toward a dark room. In it, I saw flashing red lights. I thought of the piece of paper in my jacket, mysteriously put there, which said to follow them.

“Come with me,” I said.