Epilogue (Again)

I can’t believe it’s over. Sewer Wizard is gone, Next Top Office is truly finished, and I’ve got to find something to do with my life. What does an actor like me do with his time and millions of dollars, when he can’t get a starring role anymore? It’s a tough life.

You know, we never actually worked out why Space Wizard wanted to broadcast our final confrontation with his other half. Perhaps he couldn’t absorb Sewer Wizard unless a certain number of people were watching? I don’t know. I asked Frankie and Bandit about it, but apparently Space Wizard never told them. One day, maybe, we’ll work it out. I’m just glad I could help in the end, shooting electrical supplies from Cheltenham in an attempt to zap Sewer Wizard. It didn’t work, but with Bandit’s help, I was able to build a ballista that made a big difference in the end. So I played my part in saving the day, which I’ll always remember.

It’s kind of weird, actually, how I can’t get any acting roles these days. You’d think there would be more interest in a bipedal anthropomorphic zebra, especially now that I’ve basically helped save Melbourne from destruction in an event watched by millions, but I haven’t had any calls back. If I don’t find something soon, I may have to get a job in a hardware store around Cheltenham to pass the time. Not that I need the money, obviously.

Oh, and it’s just occurred to me that you guys never found out what Charity was. Throughout the entirety of Next Top Office, they were talking about how one of us would win Charity, but we didn’t know what that would be. A speedboat named Charity? A television? A car? Well, in the end, it wasn’t any of those things. Frankie, Bandit and I looked around the ruins of ANTO after the battle, and we found a pack of gum labelled “Charity”, so that was a bit disappointing. Anyway, that’s it from me. Thanks for being interested in our big battle.

This is Jack, by the way. Zebraman.