Deep Aluminium Thoughts

Finally, the ‘Trumpeting Moon’ brain teasers seem to be increasing in quality again. A few duds have made their way onto the pages as of late, but today’s was so absorbing that I almost missed my train stop. Had to dart out the doors at Richmond station, and my bag almost stopped the doors from closing. THAT’S how you know that the questions are quality.

Today it was an ‘or’ question. Would I start my life again from scratch retaining my knowledge, but have to pick another career path, or would I double my remaining lifespan but have to stay in the same job the whole time?

You know, I’ve always fancied myself as a workman. Sure I may spend most of my weekdays in an office staring at a computer screen, but in my heart I’m outside working with my hands. Being out there in the elements, with my shiny aluminium toolbox by my side. It’s not that I don’t find office work fulfilling, and I come home at the end of the day mentally exhausted and feeling like I’ve done work. But driving a ute, attaching tools to the roof racks and bars, really getting stuck in with serious physical labour…that’d be quite a change for me. I do wonder what it feels like.

And then I’d have the added benefit of growing up with all this adult knowledge. Could avoid quite a few pitfalls, do very well in school…although since I’d be getting a blue-collar job, grades matter less than physical skill. I’d have to spend my childhood instead learning about the different types of aluminium accessories, the advancements in toolbox central locking, how you install under tray drawers, and the art of finding the best coffee places when you’re always at different worksites.

Don’t fancy more life in an office than is necessary. One career is enough.