Superhero Glasses Fittings

In the bustling city of Bayside, clarity becomes the newest mission for our intrepid trio!

Following their visit to the optometrist, the sisters decided that if they were going to wear glasses, they might as well make them fabulous. Their first stop was a well-known Brighton optometrist, renowned for its diverse range of frames.

Upon entering, Petra’s eyes immediately darted to a shimmering display. “Oh, imagine the distractions!” she exclaimed, holding up a pair of bedazzling frames. “Enemies would be too stunned by the sparkle to even think about attacking.” She twirled around, trying to catch glimpses of her own reflection from every angle.

A few aisles away, Pandora was conducting her version of ‘stress tests’. She’d select a frame, wear it, then zoom around the shop at blinding speeds, returning with a verdict. “These couldn’t handle Mach 2,” she’d comment, moving to the next. Finally, her eyes landed on a sleek pair made of titanium. “Perfect for the rugged adventures!” she declared, admiring their durability.

Meanwhile, Polly found herself overwhelmed with choices. Round or square? Metal or acetate? Each frame she tried on led to a comedic monologue. “These make me look like a detective from the 60s,” she’d muse, or “These are too… librarian chic?” At one point, she got so lost in thought that she retried the same frame, leading to a hilarious realisation, “Wait, didn’t I just try this one?” she wondered aloud, causing the store assistant to chuckle.

Hours passed, and by evening, each sister had found her perfect pair. Petra with her glittering frames, Pandora with her indestructible titanium ones, and Polly with a classic yet chic design.

As they exited, Polly, always the planner, remarked, “We should schedule our follow-up appointments now.” Pulling out a card from her pocket, she added, “We can book an appointment with an optometrist near Bentleigh, just to mix things up!”

And so, with newfound clarity and style, the trio was ready once again to tackle the challenges of Bayside. What new adventures await? Only time (and clear vision) will tell!