Her Kitchen Woes

Barbara didn’t know what to do about the sobbing coming from her sink. It had been going on for the last three days. She had a team of kitchen renovators coming in at the end of the week, and she wasn’t sure how to explain that someone had gone crazy and refused to leave her drains alone.

The more she thought about it, the less certain she was that it was someone talking from a drain outside. How would the sound travel as far as her home? She had checked every vent and cupboard in her home, afraid that she had a mysterious squatter in her home, and had returned empty-handed and unsettled. If it wasn’t a squatter or someone speaking to her from outside, then who on earth was speaking out of her sink?

The leak was getting worse as well. She had to throw out her pink bunny slippers, the fluffy ears beginning to darken with mould. Following an increase in the annoying sobs, her bathroom faucet had begun to drip. She had immediately booked for the experts in charge of her other renovations to also design a bathroom remodel.

Whilst she loved her home and had never planned for a redesign, it was better than every room becoming flooded. The change of her morning routine was bothersome enough without having to change her bathroom schedule.

Every second of the day was filled with noise. Her peace and quiet was ruined. She couldn’t take any more. “What are you crying about!” She yelled, storming into the kitchen with a loud splash. “And who even are you?”

“Who am I?” 

Barbara didn’t like how sad the voice sounded, as though her outburst had even made the person more upset. “You’re the one who planned to change my layout with bathroom and kitchen design specialists. Melbourne has been your home since you were born. I’ve been your home since you were born. If you don’t even know me, then why ask the experts to redesign me?”

A headache was quickly approaching and Barbara squeezed her eyes shut. “Stop talking in riddles,” she begged.