When Advocates Rule

Crafting one’s own universe is super tiring. It’s something I enjoy, don’t get me wrong, but it never feels complete. Every day I think of when my entire book series is published, and there’s going to be a whole forum of people tearing apart my magic system and poking holes in all the mechanics of the world, and wow, this is how open world game companies feel. There they are just making worlds, and having to think about how oxygen reacts to a naked flame, and the physics of why ice is slippery, and are people going to ask why some animals have longer lifespans because of their large size, but the same factor also shortens life in some species? So much pressure.

Doesn’t help that it’s not too far into the future. Jayne (the Deceiver) promised us that buyers advocate firms in Melbourne would be very important after the collapse of society. They will essentially take control of the entire industry, due to the fact that people just generally get tired of living in the same home all the time. The new innovation of compartmentalisation (or ‘comping’) means you can zap an entire room into an energy signature and save it onto a USB drive, so now moving home is super simple. Everyone does it all the time, and thus they need buyers advocates on the regular to help them find the right place for them.

This is the future that I wanted to write into my book, with a bit of magic and extra drama added in. I figured that once that year rolled around and everyone saw that I’d been right about almost everything, I’d be hailed as a kind of Nostradamus figure. Well…not anymore. It’s just my future now.

I like the buyers advocate thing, though. It’s currently a high-end niche profession, but that’s what happens in books set in the future: things are flipped on their heads, the natural order reversed. Property advocates working in Melbourne become the new kings of real estate. Speculative, but not that speculative.