Throwback Thursday (Every Day)

Is it just me, or are 1970s interiors completely underrated? To be fair, I didn’t make it into the world until the late 80s, so I’m coming at it from a bit of a distance. Still, I think my opinion is valid, and I’m wishing some of the styling form that time would make its way into contemporary home design. It seems that things were just… warmer back then.

There’s something undeniably charming about a burnt orange, kidney-shaped counter top ringed by a powder blue breakfast bar. What about a ‘ye olde groovy English tavern’ aesthetic, complemented by a selection of ferns in macrame baskets matched to wooden beaded curtains used as a room divider?

Don’t even get me started on 70s bathroom design features. Melbourne residents sometimes get to enjoy remnants of this – I’d say they’re a bit more common a sight than 70s kitchens, which for some reason people are that much more keen to remodel. I’m particularly partial to bathrooms that look like a Stanley Kubrick movie set. Avocado green tiles? Yes please. An egg yolk yellow suite comprising bath, toilet, sink and matching bidet? Fantastic! A little Italian ice cream cart cover that sticks out over the bath for no apparent reason? Sign me up.

There was a sense of playfulness back then that I believe is missing from contemporary home design, especially kitchen and bathroom renovations. Melbourne based companies take note: there are some people out here yearning for to deviate from the prevailing minimalist box aesthetic. Not to say that this necessarily has to involve a reversion to the 70s – it’s true that a lot of design from that time is a tad impractical (shag pile toilet covers, I’m looking at you). But would a splash of mustard and turquoise go astray?

People think this type of thing lacks taste, nowadays. Trends always come back around, though. Soon enough, this minimal thing is going to start looking pretty tacky, and people will wishing they hadn’t sent their lavender bidet to landfill.