Suddenly, Narwhals

Things are really heating up on ‘Echolocation!’, which is saying something because all those homes are underwater. Kevin and Stacey, that Welsh couple who come from a long and proud line of marine biologists, are trying to sell their home. Thing is, they live in a two-up two-down place just underneath the Pacific Ocean in waters known to be infested with narwhals, and they just discovered that their kitchen counter is infested with dry rot. Their home has been on the market for weeks now, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get any easier for them, considering the limited property market.

That, of course, leaves me thinking that we need to get a move on because we can’t even sell a home above sea level in a major city. The number for what we’ve been told is the best buyers advocates Melbourne has to offer is pinned to the fridge, and I’ve been procrastinating because of…well, stubbornness. Just the thought of someone telling me what to do in any way makes my stupidly independent spirit rankle, which is just silly because we do it all the time. We have a financial planner. We take our taxes to be done by an industry professional, because I’m not messing around with an online system designed to try to swindle you out of claims. So…contacting a professional buyers advocate who does this for a living should not be a problem, at all.

I suppose homes and such are just too personal. I mean, they’re not, because them being a significant investment that you don’t want to screw up should mitigate that a little, but still. It’s just my own foibles talking. Should just pick up the phone, put on my best smile and ask the property advocate experts what they think. And listen, with a grateful spirit.

Could be worse, I suppose. Could have narwhals poking holes in the kitchen door because we fed them one time.