Property Advocates, Easy

Have to admit, I don’t know what all the older wizards on the internet are talking about. They’re always moaning about this realm, and how they can’t understand the strange things these people do with their lives, and there’s an entire forum dedicated to revenge plots on the king for banishing them which I think violates the terms of service but whatever.

Anyway, I don’t get it. This realm is fine. Maybe because I’m younger I just fit in better. I just adapted, got a job and I’m getting on with it; even the weird parts. And get this: I had a conversation the other day about the benefits of a buyers advocate. How Earth-Realm is THAT?

Bryan was talking to Samara in the break room because Bryan is moving house and Samara has said that he NEEDS  a property advocate because she got one when she got back from her honeymoon with Nadeem, and they had a really good experience. Then Samara asked me if I’d had any experience with home buying. I’ve brushed up on my lingo, obviously, so I said that I was planning to rent for a few more years because I’d like to travel quite a bit and…something about interest rates. It sounded good. But then I told Bryan that Melbourne buyers advocates are supposed to be really good, and that was me contributing to a discussion about all sorts of serious things. Look at me go. As much as I wanted to talk about how the process differs in our world- long story, don’t ask- I held my tongue.

I guess the next step would be for me to actually contract the services of a buyers advocate myself. Maybe it’ll happen. I earn a good wage, I feel like I could settle down here, and then I’d really feel like part of the furniture.

I mean, I thought signing a lease was a mortal thing to do, but phew, that’s another level.