Let’s Find Out

Welcome, everybody, to the new internet game show! I’m Allison Burgers, your (male) host for this show… post… thing. Today we’re going to be seeing what our contestants know about several topics, including property conveyancing. This is Regular People: What Do They Know? Do They Know Things? Let’s Find Out! 

Our first contestant is Tiffany. Let’s see what she knows about conveyancing. So, Tiffany, can you tell me what the market for property conveyancing near Melbourne is like?

Hi Allison. Um, property conveyancing, you say? Is that the one where you use your words to persuade people? Yeah, I know a lot about conveyancing in that case. Melbourne has a strong conveyancing culture, with people persuading each other to buy things all the time.

Interesting answer, Tiffany. It sounds like you’ve confused conveyancing with convincing. Given I was talking about the market for property conveyancing, I’m not sure how you mixed those up. Anyway, onto our next contestant. Joe will be telling us how to get a property transfer

Yes, I am Joe Abercombie. I am definitely a human and not a robot designed to answer these questions. Property transfer, you say? Well, Webman’s dictionary defines property transfer as “the process of transferring property from one person to another”. This would be done through all the appropriate channels for such an action, including but not limited to contacting a conveyancer to assist with the transfer of property.

That… is absolutely correct! Although the answer was a little robotic, you’ll receive full points for it. Great work, Joe! You win round one with fifty-eight points. Tiffany, it’s time to pick up your game. You’re still on zero points, but this second round is worth ten times the amount of the first round, meaning Joe’s points are essentially worthless!

We’re going to take a commercial break, even though this is an online format. Tune in to our next blog post to see how round two goes!