Invest, People!

It took me a while to understand the ins and outs of business, but I really think I’ve got it now. All I needed was a bit of experience, a lot of trial and error, and a bit of humility. I can now say that I own a construction company that puts its employees first, profits second, and ends up with fantastic quantities of both.

It all began back in my early days, when I’d just finished my apprenticeship with a guy who was good at what he did but was a real tyrant. I guess I had some pent up aggression from having to climb through pipes for hours each day, six days a week, seven if he was feeling vindictive. I picked up some bad habits, like cutting corners. I started of with a rusty ute and some fixed service bodies that casually bolted on. Never a good idea. It was a dark time…everything just fell apart every month or so, I’d curse, but I wouldn’t INVEST. So stupid, now that I think about it. Never considered tool box central locking, even after I had all my tools stolen that one time when I was servicing the air con at the local youtyh centre. Joke’s on them since I filled the vents with glitter, but I’ve moved past that enraged version of myself and become a more responsible business owner.

I still remember the first time I truly invested. A shiny set of aluminium accessories after my other ones snapped off in traffic and caused a major incident. It hurt, spending that much, but I quickly learned that you get what you pay for. Ship in your toolboxes from a shop in Melbourne and you get what you pay for. Buy aluminium accessories from a highly rated place in Melbourne, and you SAVE money in the end.

I still need to work on my business practices, my shady accounting, the suspicious quantity of workplace accidents and the persistent lawsuit surrounding the disappearance of my business partner one stormy night. But I invest in good equipment. That’s what counts.