Conveyancing on Television?

Alright…it’s finally time for me to admit that The Great Australian Trade-Off has gone off the rails a little. I’ve staunchly defended the show both online and to my friends, and I still think this season has had some good episodes. And the people they have ON the show are still totally fine, with a few I really love to watch. But the challenges? They’ve been getting more gimmicky by the week, and it’s finally crossed a threshold. For me, anyway.

Conveyancing is not a trade. Like, that’s not a dig on the profession, obviously. I work as a medical secretary, my job is important, and I wouldn’t call that a trade either. I mean, these are literally conveyancing lawyers. LAWYERS. This is supposed to be a show where people pull apart machinery and use their technical know-how, and they’ve got them to sit at desks and sort through conveyancing paperwork. And again, not digging on conveyancers, but that’s not something that really translates well to television. Conveyancing is a subtle profession, one that is totally fine if you understand everything that’s going on, but to use casual viewers it’s just a lot of sorting through paper, signing documents and making phone calls. They can’t even show us the client meetings, so the announcer for the show is working double-time to make all of this seem like it’s something worth watching.

It is not. I mean, the tasks they gave them were so straightforward that there wasn’t even any scope for disagreements within the teams. Everything just happened. “Okay, call the conveyancing office in Sandringham and have them send over the documents and maybe check if they have any printing paper.”

Actual quote. This is what the ‘trade-off’ is now. Make a show about conveyancing, by all means, but don’t show it to us because you’ve run out of ideas…